Get Personalized Tutoring Services

Hire a high school or college tutor in Shreveport, LA

If you need a college tutor to help you through a class, or your child needs a tutor for their high school or middle school work, turn to the professionals at Kemp Tutoring. We provide one-on-one and Skype tutoring services in Shreveport, LA.

Does you need SAT prep help? Is that organic chemistry class dragging down your GPA? We've got you covered. You'll want to schedule tutoring sessions with us because:

There's no pressure that comes from learning in big groups.
Some students learn better in a quiet environment.
Using a head-to-head approach allows us to tailor the training to the needs of the student.
We can focus on a specific topic or area of study.
We help our students build confidence and make study time more efficient.

You or your child can bring whatever material you need to each tutoring session. If necessary, we can also provide material to augment your course of study. Call 318-426-5777 now to arrange for tutoring services.

What can our tutors do for you?

What can you expect from a high school, middle school or college tutor from Kemp Tutoring? When you work with us, we'll:

  • Define goals and expectations
  • Come up with best practices for studying
  • Go over tests and homework to find out which areas need attention
  • Work on ACT/SAT prep or prepare for other standardized tests
  • Analyze important concepts that require mastery

We use proven methods and will work tirelessly to make sure grades are improving and concepts are understood. Contact us now to schedule a Skype session or meet in person in Shreveport, LA.